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Kaisha, the girl who always makes me smile, was the first girl I interviewed and photographed for the Titty Committee. It was this conversation that made me believe in my project. Maybe it is her beauty or her perfect British accent, but it was a joy to work with her!

Why would you like to co-operate with this project? 
'I think it sounds like fun and I like the idea of women and girls appreciating their bodies and showing others that they can do the same. Sharing the good vibe, a feeling of being in this together.' 

Which three words do you have for your breasts?
'Perfect for me.'

Do you remember how it was when you realised that you started to grow breasts for the first time?
'I was probably 11 years old, I really didn’t like it. I think because a lot of the girls who I went to school with already had bigger boobs then, than I have now. So when I started to get mine, I thought: this isn’t right, mine are way smaller. Also not a nice level of boob, an awkward in between size. With the painful nipples. And I used to do ballet, so in my ballet clothes I felt so uncomfortable. Wearing a special top above it, just to cover it. Even though it was really hot. It also felt like the breasts of the women around me, like my mom, were okay. They had needed them in their life and it was good. But for myself, in my early teens it felt so unnecessary. I just wanted to run and play. My body started to change into a young women and I was still a child. 

How do you feel about your breasts now?
'Now I like them. Sometimes I still think that it would have been nice if I got a little bit more. But also if i stand in the mirror naked, I used to think they were to small. But now I like them. Early on in my life I always felt like they were too small for boy’s taste, for me it really didn’t matter that much. I was quite small and slim, so I don’t need big boobs.'

'But basically my whole teen life I saw that the girls with the big boobs were the girls with the boyfriends. But when I think about it now it’s complete nonsense, but in my mind it was: He would like me more if I had bigger boobs. But than I started having boyfriends and I realized that it was not such a big factor as I made it look. And if it would be a big factor, the boy wouldn’t be good for me.'

'Before I would also always wear the big push up bra’s, which look ridiculous by the way. Now I embrace the unpadded bra’s. Which is quit recent for me, I think a year ago I would never have worn them. The only problem is the cold... you have to think ahead sometimes.'

'I truly believe that what we have makes us what we are.'

Do you think that your acceptance is also due to the new trends around the real body image and smaller boobs?
'When I was a teenager the idols in that time, the girls, were very curvy: JLO, Christina Aguilera, etc. 

Ofcourse there were idols who weren’t that curvy, but that was my focus at that period in my life. All I saw were curves and boobs.'

'But it changes so much. Now there are even more curves on the internet. And don’t forget the butt! Booty is everywhere, and everyone is making squats in the gym. So yeah, it won’t work to try to keep up with the perfect picture.' 

Is there something you would like to say to other girls?
'There is one thing that definitely made me look different at myself and my body and that is the fact that every girl or woman has an issue. The girls with the big boobs also complain or wish they had a different size. So I always thought I really got the short straw, but they think they got it! So the grass always looks greener on the other side.'

'I truly believe that what we have makes us what we are. Okay, this is gonna be a really stupid quote, haha! But I watch Rupaul’s Drag race and they always say: If you don’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?! And even though it’s a bit cheesy, it is true. Cause it’s not good to depend on others for conformation about your self acceptance. A right level of confidence is beautiful!'  

'Ah, and one more small tip: try some bellydance classes, it really helped to embrace and celebrate my femininity!'

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